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Armada skis 2019

05.12.2020 Armada skis 2019

From lightweight freeride, to high altitude slaying, to ultra-light touring, this 4-piece series is built for skiers that paint outside the lines.

Join us in progressing the sport we love to new places. Elf shoe technology in the nose and a slight tail rocker keeps things surfy. We integrated our Xrystal Mesh to absorb and power through any snow condition. Titanal reinforcement underfoot and sidewall construction keep this light-weight ski damp and powerful for when you need it most.

The perfect combination of weight reduction and stability, the Armada Tracer is a lightweight ski that likes to hang outside the ropes. This ski ups the performance ante with dampening Xrystal Mesh, titanal reinforcement underfoot, and sidewall construction to create just the right feel whether used by freeriding or touring enthusiasts.

Crown jewel of the Tracer Series, the Armada Tracer 98 is your everyday off-piste ski built with versatility in mind. A layer of Xrystal Mesh keeps the ride damp and stable while the beveled top-edges create a lighter ski that can handle anything your ski legs throw its way. The quickest edge-to-edge and best performing on the hardpack, the Tracer 98 is the true 1-ski quiver from resort to backcountry.

Last year, Armada entered the ultralight touring game for the first time with the Armada Tracer Combining a narrow waist width, long radius turn shape, and Tour Ultra-Lite Core with a snow-shedding top sheet, this weight-saving backcountry ski is back for another lap. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. In a shocking move, the mountain shifts its focus towards season pass-holders.

This is a special advertising section. D: cm L: cm, cm, cm R: 20m cm For those that live life up high, the Armada Tracer CHX is our ultimate big mountain performer. Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed! Jan 10, Jake Stern.Armada skis have an option for almost every type of skiing. One common challenge of ski selection is the set of categories we often encounter is the set of categories most brands offer.

armada skis 2019

There are basic entry-level skis, professional skis for traditional competition on well-groomed slopesand a slew of alternative skis that try to cash in on the niche market.

But this brand focuses on this oft-neglected market. These are skis made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. However, making an informed decision takes more than a brief description by the manufacturer.

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers. Armada designs high-end skis with an emphasis on versatility since What stands out about their skis are the beautiful designs on most models. The company started in Utah but also has an office in Innsbruck, Austria.

Their skis are sold across the world and have many famous users, including Tanner Hall, Jacob Wester, and Henrik Harlaut.

There are skis for each discipline, but their strongest suit is park skis. However, many retailers carry them. You can also pick them up from e-shops like Evo and Amazon. While price increases with width and size, the main difference is between different series of skis.

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The more expensive ones are better at handling more demanding situations. These are all top skis, and they serve different purposes. Check Price. This is the option for male all-mountain freestyle enthusiasts who like to have lots of fun on the slopes. The classic design saw some significant upgrades intaking the versatile performance and durability to new levels.The Armada B-Dog is a perfect freestyle machine for progressive riders looking to press and butter on anything possible.

The Carbon-Kevlar Strut inside the Pop-Lite Core delivers an extra boost of snap when you are getting radical in the park. The Pop-Lite Core is made with softer, lightweight wood on the entire length of the ski, with horizontal laminates made of harder wood that add stability and power to the ski. Armada's AR50 Sidewall gives you a highly maneuverable feeling in the tip and tail, with a solid edge hold and vibration dampening when you stick a landing.

The Spin Tip lowers the swingweight and helps you get the ski around faster when you are spinning on or off of rails. Overridden Price. Read Reviews. Members earn points with this purchase.

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This item is currently out of stock. Shop other Skis. Shop all Armada Skis. Customers Also Viewed. Quick View. Freestyle skis are often twin tips and ideal for the park. Medium - ideal for all-mountain, off-trail versatility. Medium - the casual skier with athletic ability.

Write A Review. Recommend this product 0 of 2 Reviews. Quality 0. Value 0. Fit 0. Comfort 0. Customer Images Page 1 of 1. Close imageSliderPopup Prev Next. Recommended Product. Armada's 90 under foot park ski. Beautiful park ski in my opinion always been a favorite. Very poppy off jumps, soft in the tip and tail makes it very playful for butters, rails and ju Read More.

Very poppy off jumps, soft in the tip and tail makes it very playful for butters, rails and jumps.In this first episode Corey Stanton worked with the whole AR team to create a tribute to an iconic collection of skis in the Armada line-up: the ARV series. If you would have told me when I was a kid that the whole Armada crew was gonna come and ski my home resort you would have blown my mind, but here we are and it was very special.

Built for the all-mountain, freestyle skier, the ARV Series packs performance and durability. From park, to side- to backcountry Creating juxtapositions of imagery to create abstract narratives and figures that evoke introspection and contemplation. His work gained attention from several international galleries like Thinkspace in Los Angeles, StolenSpace in London among others.

Since Roukes is actively painting large scale murals across the globe, applying his old love of painting graffiti on a larger and more mature scale. The blueprint for any playful powderski.

The iconic Armada ARV JJ continues to carve its name into ski lore, coming correct with an all-new poplar and ash wood core for increased response popping between pillow lines and tree shots. The new JJ also adds confidence with a revamped flex profile to stiffen up tip and tail in tight conditions and no-fall zones. True one-ski-quiver, all mountain twin. Our most versatile all-mountain freestyle ski brings an ultra-playful yet stable ride to high performance skiers tired of tossing sticks in the trash every half season.

Reinforced with AR75 Sidewall construction to absorb high speed chatter and any rail, wall, or concrete you can press them on, the Armada ARV features Ash Stringers for increased pop and play. The ARV is as at home surfing the white wave as it is thrashing the pro park. All mountain twin with park ambitions. High-performance park twin. The ARV 86 boosts the fun factor with a Poplar-Ash wood core for increased spring and confidence in the park and in the trees.

Ultra-durable, entry-level all mountain twin. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Joint Efforts Vol. AR Team x Corey.

Tof Henry in "Born in Chamonix" and WORLD PREMIER: Todd Ligare "For Good Measure"

If you would have told me when I was a kid that the whole Armada crew was gonna come and ski my home resort you would have blown my mind, but here we are and it was very special Kim Boberg. ARV JJ.

2019 Armada Ski Gear

ARV The ARVmy ski of choice for every day that's not a pow day. Sammy C.Unequaled stability and confidence for when it gets steep and deep. When you think big mountain, you think Chamonix.

We designed the Declivity X in collaboration with Cham local, Tof Henry, for going fast in the most demanding of conditions. Tof is known for bringing a freeride approach to faces that used to be off-limits for anything but jump turns and he needed strong, stable and damp skis that he can rely on no matter what. The Chamonix native was raised in some of the craziest terrain in the world and this shows in his new school approach to skiing steep lines. Elf Shoe Technology in the nose and a slight tail rocker keep things surfy, but this ski is designed with big boy terrain in mind, integrating Adaptive Mesh to absorb and power through any snow condition.

Titanal reinforcement underfoot and AR 75 Sidewall construction keep the ski damp and powerful for when you need it most. The Utah native has been pushing the backcountry scene for years now. In these uncertain times please support your local dealer! Buy online locally and some are even offering curbside pickup. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Home School with Armada. Declivity X. Learn More. This is Tof. Tracer This is Todd. Support Your Local Dealer. See our dealers. Meet the AR Family Get to know us.Manufacturer's Description: Bringing light to new heights, the new Armada ARV JJ UL floats like a butterfly and cuts like a butter knife for a definitive big mountain freestyle experience.

I only got to spend a couple of runs on these but they felt almost identical to the Pipe Cleaner of old, potentially they are the same exact ski. When I'm not sure what conditions the trip I'm going on is going to throw at me and I don't have something else I have to review. It's a fairly solid ski but still plenty playful. It isn't necessarily one for the big lines, but it'd be a great great choice for the park kid who wants to get jibby in the pow like THall or the dad who wants to have a more surfy style to their skiing in deep sn… Sizes:, Dimensions: - - Armada ARV 86 Skis Member Quick Review : Park is where the 86 truly shines.

I've been riding wider skis for the past couple of years and I was surprised. I thought the 86 would be your stereotypical jump and trail ski, but this thing slays everything. You can take it to decent sized jumps and you can swerve around the smallest of features.

Armada 2019

Same ARV shape but damper and stiffer. It's a great shape for skiing the whole mountain too so the added stiffness turns them in to a real charger.

From jumps to jibs and a whole lot of air time in between, the ARW 96 wants it all, and more. It feels like a wide ski, but without the compromises of a fatter ski. Many of you will be considering the new ARV skis, but for the more jibby among you, I would take a closer look at the BDog. A softer tail means the skis feel slightly more balanced despite the rockered nose and cambered tail.

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How to disable ad-blocker for Newschoolers. I don't care about Newschoolers.There are 3 main skier types that Armada designs skis for. These skiers have a playful riding style and like to hit jumps, do butters, and ski backwards. They ski the whole mountain, on and off piste, and value a ski that is lively and playful. These skiers typically have a more centered mounting position on their skis.

These skiers spend most of their time skiing on groomers and firmer snow. They may live in a place that rarely has soft snow, such as the east coast of the US and Canada.

armada skis 2019

These skiers have a more traditional skiing style. They value a ski that is stable and holds an edge well when carving a turn. These skiers have a more traditional mounting position that will be closer to the tail of their skis. These skiers also have a more traditional riding style, so they are not too interested in skiing backwards and doing freestyle tricks.

They are interested in venturing off trail to ski in the trees, ski tour or ski fast and aggressively in big mountain terrain.

armada skis 2019

It is important to take into consideration a skiers skill level when selecting a ski. Someone who is just getting started skiing will appreciate a ski that is a bit narrower underfoot and shorter in length.

A narrower ski will make turn initiation faster and a shorter ski will have a smaller turning radius. Advanced and intermediate skiers will start to develop a preference for the performance characteristics they want in their skis in respect to width and length.

Shorter length skis will be lively, playful and quick turning, while longer length skis will be stable and confident at high speeds and are capable of making long GS style turns.

Narrower skis will hold an edge well on hard snow, while wide skis will perform well in soft snow and fresh powder.

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After you have established skier type and skill level, you can start to consider models from our various collections. We currently offer 5 collections of skis that are ideal for several types of skiers.

Best Armada Skis

Our ARV models are designed to be versatile Freestyle skis. These skis are rooted in freestyle skiing and have a more centered mounting position that makes them ideal for skiers who like to ski backwards often. These skis are designed to be lively and fun. Our Invictus line up has a more traditional mounting point that is closer to the tail of the ski. This makes them more ideal for traditional all mountain skiers who ski forwards most of the time.

If you spend most of you time skiing groomers and on Piste, then these skis will be ideal for you. As these models get wider, they become more versatile in softer snow and off-piste conditions. Several of our Invictus and Victa models features our Ti construction. All of our Ti models have two sheets of Titanal metal in the core of the ski. These sheets of Titanal metal add stability at high speeds, ideal for hard charging aggressive skiers. Our Tracer line also has a more traditional or directional sidecut but with a little bit more rocker and sidecut taper in the nose of the ski.

This design makes it a great choice for traditional skiers who are more focused on skiing off piste. The narrower skis in this line are ideal for ski touring and the wider models will be more ideal for Freeride skiers. Our Zero Line represents our innovation lab.

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This is where we showcase our latest innovations and experimental designs. Each model in the Zero line is designed for a different discipline in skiing. These skis are sold exclusively through select retail shops.

You can use our dealer locator to find a Zero Dealer in your area. Facebook Twitter Instagram. AUG 13, There are 3 main skier types that Armada designs skis for. Identify your skier type.


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