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Mustache build

29.03.2021 Mustache build

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Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. HTML Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 6f2d Aug 8, You signed in with another tab or window.

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Update languages. Jul 30, Rename demo template. Feb 5, Apr 18, Remove unused coffeescript lib. Dec 26, Bump lockfile to current github-pages version. Feb 7, Add MIT license for docs.Many people have tried to bend this legendary facial hairstyle to their will, and many more have failed.

You see, growing a mustache is an art that takes time and finesses to achieve. When executed properly, the upper lip hair creates a certain mystique that leaves the viewer either duly impressed or incredibly jealous. Many men may wear a mustache for practicality, for fashion or for a brand-new look. Mustaches have been said to attract members of the opposite gender, to repel insects and to protect from sunburn and frostbite. Whatever your reasons for growing a mustache, this article will cover all the basics and will give you tips and tricks of the trade to help your mustache growing experience be the best it can be.

Did you know that having a stylish mustache might even improve your chances of landing a job? In one case, there was a gentleman who went for a job interview at a company he had had his eye on for more than a year. He had already had two interviews with the company but had not had any results. He was planning on another one, and decide to shake things up a bit by growing out a large and handsome handlebar mustache.

However, this gentleman had the exact opposite idea. He reasoned that having a prominent mustache would give him an edge over competitors by making a greater visual impact. His hunch was correct. Not only did the gentleman get a job offer, but he also received a compliment on his well-kept and outstanding mustache by the hiring manager.

Sometimes, it pays to be different. Throughout the course of history, the presence of facial hair has been praised, scorned, immortalized and had laws written over. During the 17th century, the beard and mustache became decidedly unfashionable in Europe. This was in part precipitated by the czar who instituted a tax on beards worn alone. At this time, mustaches became the new rage. By the early 19th century, mustaches were showy and flamboyant and were often combined with imposing sideburns, as well as being carefully curled and sculpted.

mustache build

Soldiers returning in sported heavy growth of facial hair as the result of being out on the field for weeks and months on end. At this time, sporting a beard became the hallmark sign of a hero.

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World War I launched another change. The seal on gas masks used for protection during this war would not work properly in the presence of facial hair, requiring soldiers to remain clean-shaven. After the war, the mustache flourished again as those who were required to shave daily now reveled in their new-found freedom.

The size of the mustache will also play a large part in the final product. Too large, and you will look like a half-shaved mountain man. The easiest way to get a truly legendary mustache out of your efforts is to have quality trimmers, combs, and styling products at the ready when you need them most. Get a quality electric clipper to get rid of pesky beard hair encroaching on your domain, and then a pair of manual facial hair styling scissors for the finer points of trimming.

Growing a killer mustache is, after all, an exercise in patience. Depending on how quickly your beard grows in and how fully it completes itself, this process can take anywhere from weeks to over a month. Wait it out. As a rule of thumb, try to be conservative in your styling until you have a rough framework to base the rest of your trimming off of.

It would be a real shame to go crazy with your clippers and accidentally venture too far into the body of your luscious lip-warmer.

If you notice that the hairs are becoming a little scraggly, trim a small amount of the length with an electric shaver fitted with a guard attachment. You can use a regular razor as well, but it is simpler for you to achieve the precision you are looking for to create the ideal mustache with an electric razor. To help the mustache stand out, consider performing a full razor shave on the rest of your face, followed by an electric precision trimmer on your mustache.Text "style" to for personalized consulting.

A lot goes in to making a beard look great. But growing a beard is one thing. Taming a mustache is a different story altogether. Fear not, furry friends. Today we're talking mustaches and how to style them like a boss. It's worth it! Unless you're going for the natural 'stache or the wildman look, you're going to need some wax to keep things neat and tidy. That being said, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the fun of using mustache wax and overdo it. Remember, the real goal of using mustache wax is to give your 'stache some style and help you avoid getting a mouthful of hair when eating.

So use that wax sparingly and intelligently. If your mustache is uncooperative and you feel like you need to give it some extra elbow grease to style it the way you want to, or if you want to go for a more extreme handlebar look, don't be afraid to break out some tools - namely a blow dryer.

mustache build

Once you apply the wax and turn up the heat - the hot air from the blow dryer heats up the wax and makes it more manageable and malleable, so you can blow the air the way you want your mustache to hold. Then drop the heat setting to "Cool" to lock the wax - and style - into place.

Maybe you want your mustache to lay in a stylish fashion before you even throw in the wax. There's a simple way to make that happen - you've got to train that bad boy. To teach your mustache how to lay in a natural curl, you need your fingers and some patience. Using your thumb and index finger, use a sweeping motion to curl the corners up. Repeat this routine for several repetitions and give this regimen a go twice a day or so.

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Beard oil is one of the most versatile grooming tools in your arsenal. While most people think of it as a great step to keep the bulky parts of your beard soft and tamed, the mustache shouldn't be excluded.

Adding a few drops of oil to your mustache will help keep the sometimes-wiry hairs and fly aways under control, and will work to keep your hair conditioned, soft, hydrated and healthy.You might have noticed that the beard trend has expanded its reach to include mustaches. Every third cuffed-jean, plaid-shirted, Macklemore-coiffed hipster you see is now sporting a mustache, and really great ones at that!

But how do you get that same awesome look? Luckily enough, many of the products formulated for beards can also be used on your upper lip, and there are other products made specifically for that bit of your mane. Mustache oil and mustache wax are two very different products used for very different needs. Using mustache oil on the reg will help soothe those irritations too. Most good quality mustache oils share common ingredients. These will make up the base of your oil, with the exception of tea tree which is an essential oil added for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Some mustache oils contain chemical ingredients in conjunction with natural ones and others are all-natural. While results may not be as quick with all-natural products, ultimately they are better for your skin, hair and environment in the long run. The way you apply the oil is almost exactly the same, though. Place the appropriate number of drops in your palms and rub them together to warm the oil. Massage the oil into the skin beneath your mustache to ensure your conditioning the hair follicle and then spread it throughout the hair itself.

How To Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache - A Tutorial - Matt Tastic Music

You can and should use your oil on a daily basis. Mind you, if you live in a humid climate you can get away with using it less often. This beard oil can be used on your mustache to provide the same nourishing, soothing benefits. Formulated with natural and organic oils, including all the typical suspects: argan, jojoba and seven essential oils. For people who are sensitive to scents or experience irritation with other beard oils, this oil contains only non-fragrant oils and is paraben-free.

Cremo comes in an amber glass bottle that will ensure its longevity. Because of its thick consistency, it also acts as a protective barrier against environmental damage and, of course, any of the aforementioned foods getting stuck in it.

mustache build

While waxes can come in different scents, they are more subtle than oil. They are more-often-than-not scented and pigmented with dyes. Some of the really high-end waxes will use combinations of iron oxide to create darker shades that make your mustache look thicker.

Try setting it to low and holding it four or five inches away. You can use a fine-toothed comb to work it through evenly. If you want the handlebar look you need to apply more product about double the amount and twist the edge of your hair into a point.

Finish that off with a blast of cold air which will help keep your shape. If the handlebar mustache is your jam, this wax was specifically formulated to help you achieve that look. With its manly pine scent that is neither over- nor under-whelming, this wax is handmade in Maine and will provide you with the ultimate in hold and sculpting.

This wax is easier to apply than most it was formulated specifically with consistency in mind.

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If hold and sculpting is your main concern, then you need to get yourself a mustache wax.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. It would be useful to have a Coffeescript include function so it could load the external mustache templates when compiling in javascript and not clutter the coffee files.

Actually you can load. I would like to precompile some static mustache templates and include them in generated javascript function that could be Stitched and compressed in a single file. About the Mustache in general - you cannot compile it strictly speaking.

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Templates get interpreted each time you "instantiate" the template. Absolutely, this is something we do where I work. All the templates go in a single html file and get's inserted into the dom at build time. Each template is stored in a script tag of type unknown so the browser just ignores it. Then you can reference them using selectors. I'm looking at doing something similar. I haven't tried this yet, but it seems like you could use Node.

Pseudo-JS code Twitter's library Hogan. You can render a template string included directly in your source using Mustache. Learn more. Precompile mustache templates or load externally? Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 7 months ago. Active 6 years, 5 months ago.Web applications use MVC architectures to separate business logic from the presentation views.

Complex projects which involves large amounts of client side HTML manipulation with JavaScript can be difficult to maintain. In such scenarios we can use template systems to increase reusability and ease the task of managing views.

This article covers the basics of working with mustache. An example of this technique is shown below. Another method for building the DOM is to create elements and append them individually, as shown below. Both the methods above can be used effectively to add elements dynamically into your document. Consider a situation where we have a very well designed bullet list which needs to be used across three different types of pages in our site.

Using these techniques, we would have to repeat the HTML code the list in three different locations. This is generally considered to be bad coding practice. In such scenarios we can use predefined templates in different locations without repeating the code.

You can grab a copy of the library by visiting the official page on GitHub. Mustache provides templates and views as the basis for creating dynamic templates. Views contain the data to be included in the templates as JSON. Templates contain the presentation HTML or data with the template tags for including view data.

The Ultimate Mustache Tutorial

Earlier, we mentioned mustache as logic-less. This means the templates will not contain any if-else conditions or for loops. First, we need to include the mustache. Then we can work on creating mustache templates. In the above example we have a view containing the name and occupation of a person. Then, we have the template inside the render function with presentation code and tags for name and occupation data.

Tags are indicated by the double braces, or mustaches, that surround them. The following code shows the implementation of the render function inside the mustache. Three parameters can be passed to render.The first thing to learn is that Mustache is NOT a templating engine.

Mustache Wax (Single)

You could replace the first name by some placeholder :. As you can see, in Mustache we have curly braces for placeholders, which look like a mustache when rotated 90 degrees clockwise:. Hence the name of the language. So once a syntax aka. This is called a templating engine:. Or to come back to the example with programming languages.

Mustache is the language. You can learn about the language in a book. The multitude of tools is actually overwhelming. There are tools that do their job well.

So which one should you choose from the multitude of options? The answer is: It depends on where and how you want to use Mustache. I will make some examples here, but I encourage you not to get lost in the actual links to those tools, but rather stick with the tutorial. Example 1 : You have a Java server and want to send out emails to users. So you use our Mustache Template from above for the emails and extend it a bit. Example 2 : You have a Python server and want to send an E-Mail.

Actually, this example 3 was really educational. Which ones are the available languages?

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As I mentioned, some are good, some are bad. Maybe some of the listed links are outdated.

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Maybe some other ones are not included. Now for the rest of the tutorial you have two choices. Either you select a templating engine from above and learn how it works. Then you can actually test the examples on your machine, which makes it a bit more tangible. But since Mustache is just a language, you might also be lying at a beach right now, slurping your drink, and reading the rest of the tutorial. For example, the JavaScript mustache engine has two modes: Either it can be used as a command line tool to produce files, or it could be used to dynamically render html files.

Like what you're reading? Get the latest updates first! No spam. Just great engineering posts. In Mustache, there are no if and else statements and also no loops. It is however possible to conditionally show or hide a block of text. And this is how:. Loops are also not represented directly in the mustache language, but indirectly via the data and how the mustache specification specifies behaviour when the data is an array.

The elements could also be objects instead of strings, in which case access is given by just writing the property names into the brackets:.

One Mustache template can load another template. The specification states that this should work with the syntax.


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